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Sika® AnchorFix®

Both Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA are high strength, high modulus, two-component structural epoxy adhesive anchoring gels. They are solvent-free and moisture insensitive. The non-abrasive texture permits application with pumps or automated pressure injection equipment.
For use in mechanical grouting bolts dowel, pins, special fasteners, machine and “robotic” base plates, bearing pads, waterproofing tunnels, cable vaults, tanks, basements, re-anchoring of veneer masonry, wood-truss repairs, preventive maintenance. Grout large cracks on new or existing structure to seal off reinforcing steel from the elements of corrosion. Used for pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete. Bonds well on irregular surfaces. Is a Pick Proof Sealant. Suitable for use in wet or damp holes. Insensitive to moisture before, during, and after cure. Suitable for use in severe weather locations. Freeze-thaw resistant.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance.
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: ANSI/NSF Standard 61 approved for potable water contact
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: Meets ASTM C881, Types I, II*, IV, V*; Grade 3; Classes A, B and C,
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: has acceptance of the Ministry of Transport of Ontario.
Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: Meets ASTM C881, Types I, II, IV, V; Grade 3; Classes A, B and C.
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: Ministère des Transports du Québec acceptance
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA:meet USDA specifications for use in food processing areas.
Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: V.O.C compliant and passed ICC-ES-AC58 (Sec 5.3.3)
ASTM E1512 (Sec. 7.1. & 7.5) Elevated Temperature Creep Test.

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